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We have put together a few points that will help you get the best from a professional photographer. If you have any queries about using a professional, please email us with your question.

Brief your photographer exactly. If you are producing a brochure, you will need transparencies or digital files. Tell them the size of the finished image and they will use the right format camera for the job. There is no need to use a 5x4 camera if the image is only going to be three inches square in your publication!

But what about digital images I hear you say. We were late converts to the use of digital cameras, not because we were Luddites, but rather more because our regular clients want the best, and we feel it is our duty to supply the best!

The quality of digital cameras has now reached that of the very best of traditional cameras and we have invested heavily in the medium. Our clients can now leave a shoot with a CD of the images at High Resolution to use as they wish. We can't get much quicker than that!!

Agree the budget with your photographer before you start. They will be able to give you a pretty accurate figure. But remember, if you ask for a price for three shots, and during the shoot you request others, expect the bill to grow! We may be lovable, but we are not charities!

If possible, be with your photographer when the shoot is going on. You can check that you are getting exactly what you want. Check the Polaroids, and pretend to be completely unperturbed when you see that the colour on the Polaroid bears no resemblance to what is being photographed! It will be alright!

Be prepared to spend hours in a black studio, with no windows. that's the secret of a photographers eternal youth, no daylight to age them!

If you are producing a brochure for a hotel, remember that it will last for about four years. If you want people in the shots, ensure that they do not wear high fashion items. It will quickly age the picture. Have several floral displays available, not the same one following you around from picture to picture!

Whatever you are having photographed, ask your photographers advice prior to the shoot. We are not cheap, but our experience can turn an everyday picture into something memorable. MAKE THE BEST USE OF US!!


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